Create narratives using ChatGPT

May 10, 2023

Narratives are a great way to align organizations. I've created a template that you can download in the Figma community to create a head start. In this template you go over a number of steps that include identifying the job to done, audience, context, and touchpoints.


A framework that helps businesses understand the specific jobs or tasks that customers are hiring their products or services to accomplish.


A group of people who are using or considering using a product or service, and whose jobs or tasks the product or service is designed to help them accomplish.


The experience surface or surfaces in which your audience is trying to achieve this job.


A progression through time in which your audience goes through to achieve their job.

In the template you fill out the fields, and once you reach the touch you write a bulleted list of moments through a progression of time your audiences goes through to achieve their job. Additionally, you can run generative exercises on the touch points, develop a set of KPI’s for the moments you’ve identified, or explore different surfaces using this same template.

The template

For the purposes of this article, I'll walk through how to speed up this process of writing the narrative using ChatGPT. In this example, I created a JTBD for a grocery delivery app. Here is what I filled out from my worksheet


Quickly and easily find the items they need without having to navigate a crowded physical store or spend time searching for specific products


Working professionals


- E-commerce experience


- They are putting together a list of items to buy

During interaction

- They browse for products

- Checking prices

- Adding substitutions

When item isn’t available

- They are prompted with a message if something is out of stock

- They can confirm with a predetermined substitution

- Prompted to add payment information

Over time

- User submits their requests

- A shopper is selected

- We tell them the amount of time it will take for delivery

- Prompt the user when the delivery is close


- Alert the user that the delivery has arrived

- Allow the user to rate their experience

- Potentially provide incentives to buy again

Prompting ChatGPT

"Write a narrative from these prompts. The users name is Lucy"

Following the prompt I pasted exactly what I posted above and the results give you a good start to work from. Here's the output:

Lucy, a busy working professional, was preparing for a long work week and needed to stock up on groceries. She dreaded the thought of navigating the crowded physical store and spending time searching for specific products. She decided to try an e-commerce experience to quickly and easily find the items she needed.

Lucy started by putting together a list of items she needed for the week. She then began browsing for products, checking prices, and adding substitutions when necessary. When an item wasn't available, she was prompted with a message and given the option to confirm a predetermined substitution. She was then prompted to add payment information before continuing with her shopping.

Over time, Lucy submitted her requests and a shopper was selected to fulfill her order. The e-commerce platform informed her of the amount of time it would take for delivery and prompted her when the delivery was close. Finally, the platform alerted Lucy that her delivery had arrived and allowed her to rate her experience. She was impressed with the convenience and ease of the e-commerce experience and the quality of the products she received.

With the potential of incentives to buy again, Lucy felt confident that she had found a solution to her grocery shopping needs that fit her busy schedule. She continued to use the e-commerce platform for future grocery shopping needs, saving her time and effort as a working professional.

There are some improvements I would make, but as you can see it gives you and your team a go place to start from. Be sure to download the template and hopefully it can help supercharge your process.

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