Balancing Design and Engineering in the Tech Industry With Adekunle Oduye

Adekunle Oduye, a Design Engineer at Plaid, discusses his journey from art to design to engineering and how he became a design engineer. He emphasizes the importance of understanding both design and code and communicating and collaborating effectively. He also talks about his podcast, "Code & Pixels," which aims to provide practical guidance and insights for those interested in design engineering. He encourages listeners to try new things and not be afraid to fail to learn and grow.

Adekunle Oduye, a design engineer at Plaid, is based in Brooklyn, New York. With a background in art and design, Adekunle has a unique perspective on the intersection of design and engineering. He is passionate about using AI in his work and constantly explores ways to leverage it in design systems. He is also the co-host of the podcast "Code & Pixels," where he discusses various topics related to design engineering.


(01:20) Introduction to Adekunle Oduye and his experience in design and engineering

(01:54) Icebreaker: His current obsession with going to museums

(03:23) Icebreaker: His interest in incorporating AI into his work

(05:29) Icebreaker: His preference for lo-fi hip-hop music while working

(06:54) His background in art and transition to design and engineering

(11:32) Evaluating the role of a design engineer based on project needs

(15:28) Core competencies of a design engineer: ambiguity, project management, communication

(21:05) "Code & Pixels Podcast and its impact

(24:58) His upcoming speaking engagements

(26:31) Why you should try new things and not be afraid to fail


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