Career Reflections, Creative Intuition, and Breaking The System with May-Li Khoe

In this episode of Technically Speaking we are joined by the great May Li-Khoe (former Khan Academy and Apple) designer, engineer, DJ, and writing enthusiast. We take a look back at her career and the generational changes that are now leading to a new way of working in the creative industry, as well as the value of creative production and the new possibilities that are rising in the remote work schemes, comparing the situation as it was before when May-Li started working at big tech enterprises. Don’t miss this interesting conversation with an inspiring artist and a beautiful mind.


(02:44) - Learning about May-Li's life and spirit. What has she done and learned over the last 15 months?

(11:37) -  May-Li's professional career development among big tech companies and her music passion as a DJ.

(19:02) - Intuition and alignment: Looking for work that brings comfort, joy, and happiness to May-Li and the people that she cares about.

(23:04) - Being a female designer & engineer coming from an immigrant background: How diversity and workplace culture was functioning 20 years ago.

(30:37) - Workforce vindication for the future: Human sense of community in safe and comfortable environments.

(39:19) - New stories moving into a new era: The luxury of creativity and what’s next for May Li-Khoe.


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