Chaotic good with Timothy Bardlavens

Timothy Bardlavens is a Product Design leader that works to combat misinformation and harmful content inside Meta apps. In this episode, Timothy has some interesting advice and views around chaotic-good leadership, transparency and accountability. Join us while we discover more about how integrity manifests itself organizationally and within a product inside Meta!

Timothy Bardlavens is chaotic good in its purest form. He is a Gay, Black man from the Carolinas, the youngest son of a single mother and everything institutional trauma and oppression says you cannot be or become. He is Design Leader, a Cultural Strategist, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) specialist, a Co-Founder, a writer and an International speaker & facilitator on topics of design & tech culture, equity, white supremacy and systems of oppression. Over the past decade, he has also built and scaled teams, set product vision and strategy for Facebook App, Zillow, Microsoft, Capital One and others. Currently he is a Sr. Manager of Product Design at Meta, Timothy leads Problems & Ecosystem within Central integrity—who’s missions are to create scalable solutions to reduce harm, abuse, and misinformation while also increasing peoples’ voice and equitable outcomes across the family of apps (i.e. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp & Metaverse) for over 3.6 billion people around the world. As a cultural strategist, he specializes in assessing, dismantling and rebuilding organizational cultures built on systems of oppression and white supremacy. Timothy is also Co-Founder of the &Design—an organization whose mission is to cultivate and activate Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Designers by providing tools, resources and training to support them on their creative career journey.


(01:13) - Introducing Timothy Bardlaves: Learn how this chaotic good soul is battling misinformation and harmful content on Meta platforms.

(10:40) - A celebration of Black art: How is Timothy approaching his new house renovation?

(14:39) - Where are Timothy’s aspirations focused on? What attracts him to leadership roles?

(20:06) - The multiplier effect: What are other ways to evaluate good leadership impact that aren’t necessarily based on deliverables?

(24:07) - The balance between being a counselor and a coach: What’s Timothy’s best advice for aspiring managers?

(26:05) - Transparency and openness: How does integrity manifest itself organizationally and within a product inside Meta?

(30:39) -  Safe for the individuals (and the leaders): How does Timothy envision building equitable organizations in 2022? How does that show up in Meta?

(37:30) - Building an All-Black team: How was it for Timothy to demonstrate to the world the power of a work team formed exclusively by black people?

(41:18) - Timothy's advice for people looking to find their voice (and why he finds his job so energizing).


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