Design systems, working with engineers, and object-oriented UX, with Principal Designer Keith Rich

Wouldn’t it be nice to do every day for our careers the same thing that brought us joy when we were kids? Keith Rich was able to do this by merging his creativity in the soccer field with his work in design and development to come up with solutions for people to use and enjoy throughout their day. With his combined love for soccer and design, he’s created a unique career that allows him to be creative every day. He knows it’s important for people to enjoy their work, and he wants to help others find the same joy in their careers. So check out this episode to learn more about design, development, design systems, OOUX, and why he uses “dev-ign” whenever he can.


The "Midfielder" at Think Company, Keith Rich, is a versatile designer. His background in pharma advertising and service-oriented digital products, as well as his interdisciplinary skills, allow him to bridge gaps along the spectrum of design, but primarily between design and development. When prototyping new ideas, his mission is to create experiences and connections that enhance people's lives.A few things have remained constant in his life: his love of soccer, design, and curiosity about technology's evolution. His earliest memories of design are making soccer wallpapers as a part of an online group of designers worldwide. Who would have thought he'd be doing every day for his career that same thing that brought him joy as a kid? Over time that curiosity has led him to the world of front-end development and keeps him thinking about how things he designs representationally are technically built as a product for people to use. You'll understand why if he uses “dev-ign” in conversations.


(02:47) - Icebreaker: Which team is Keith on? Team Hoagie or Team Cheesesteak

(03:12) - Icebreaker: What it takes to be on the same page on design and development with everybody without translation

(05:34) - Icebreaker: His love of soccer, his favorite club, and the Canadian band that will play his entrance song for him

(09:08) - How he blends design and creativity into solutions people can enjoy

(09:45) -  Getting into art and design through his love for soccer 

(12:04) - The kind of art that’s not only be looked at: Designing his first website in high school

(16:03) - How technology is evolving, how to deal with it, and how he got into the mindset of technology as always evolving 

(19:19) - His introduction to Object Oriented UX (OOUX) while in advertising and how it helped him after going over to Think Company

(22:21) - Working as Think Company’s principal designer and the one question you should ask yourself before choosing which aspect to focus on between craft and management

(25:00) - The key to having a positive work relationship with developers


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