Designing for safety with Eva PenzeyMoog

Eva PenzeyMoog is the author of "Design for Safety," the founder of The Inclusive Safety Project, and the principal designer at 8th Light. She is a strong supporter of protecting the weakest, particularly when it comes to interpersonal violence. In this episode, we addressed design ethics, how technology may harm other people, and the most frequent and alarming violations. Join along and learn more about how the Process for Inclusive Safety may be able to resolve the problem.



(01:43)  - Introducing Eva Penzey Moog: Her journey to protecting the most vulnerable and how technology contributes to domestic violence.  

(06:36) - The possible technological angle for policy is to begin connecting vulnerable groups with technology.

(10:02) - Eva's book 'Designed for Safety' explores the uncomfortable topic of people in technology causing harm and how to address this issue through a safety process.

(16:40) - The most efficient and quick method of implementing the process for inclusive safety.

(19:24) - The three most common and very concerning tech violation issues.

(23:07) - New technologies like Metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrency have the potential to reproduce injustices in a system without regulations.

(26:24) - More about Eva’s Inclusive Safety Project: a space to educate about preventing tech from facilitating domestic violence and other interpersonal harm.


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