Designing your career and embracing the individual contributor role with Catt Small

Catt Small is a cat lover, karaoke singer, writer, and gamer. She’s currently leading the design of Goals at Asana and in this episode, we go deep into her vision of design management and the key elements to building a successful design team, as well as senior designers’ leadership. Do you want to know what the day-to-day work inside Asana’s Goals Product Team is like? Get ready to join this interesting conversation and discover it.


Catt is a product design leader, game maker, and front-end web developer. She is currently the Director of Product Design at All Turtles, a globally distributed product studio solving meaningful problems. Catt has done design work for companies of all sizes including Asana, Etsy, SoundCloud, and Nasdaq. She started coding around the age of 10 and designing at the age of 15. She graduated from SVA with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2011 and later received an MS in Integrated Digital Media from NYU in 2016. Catt also makes awkward video games, writes about professional development, and draws artwork of all kinds. You can follow her @cattsmall on Twitter and view her work at www.cattsmall.com.


(01:19) - Introducing Catt Small - How does she get to be so consistent with all her hobbies and work?

(06:57) - Game design: How many games has she designed and what are the genres that they fall into?

(12:42) -  When digital design was just a niche field: Catt shares memories and lessons from her first years as a designer.

(18:56) - On design management, the importance of having a senior designer around and what Catt’s notion of career growth looks like.

(24:46) - The need for a vision: What does Catt’s day-to-day work is like inside Asana’s Goals Product Team?

(31:23) - Think about potential: Where is Catt’s main focus when it comes to building a team with values aligned?


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