From Collaborating to Cofounding: The Evolution of a Design Agency From the Ground Up to Success With Ashley Phillips and Miro LaFlaga

Ashley Phillips and Miro LaFlaga, Founders of Six Cinquième, an award-winning strategic branding agency in Montreal, Canada, discuss their journey in starting their agency and the lessons they've learned. They discuss the importance of flexibility, adapting to change, and prioritizing personal well-being and creativity in the workplace. They also touch on the creative industry's evolving nature and the opportunities ahead. Their dynamic and forward-thinking approach sets them apart in the agency world.

Ashley Phillips and Miro LaFlaga are the founders of Six Cinquième. This award-winning Montreal-based strategic brand consultancy guides aspiring global brands to align with an authentic vision and supports them in scaling it. They support them in their missions to disrupt their industries and, ultimately, build a legacy that will shape a better future. Their approach is intentional and strategic because building brands that can create impactful change in a world that fears change requires careful consideration.


(01:22) Introduction of Ashley Phillips and Miro LaFlaga

(01:47) The new social network for designers and creatives Post.cv (sic) Read.cv

(02:48) Icebreaker: How striving for fitness goals mirrors the determination and strategy in Pokémon battles

(04:56) Icebreaker: The completion of their project for Will Smith’s entertainment venture company, Westbrook, and the importance of flexibility in branding

(07:46) Icebreaker: Why they work in silence but listen to their preferred music while doing other things

(10:49) Their excitement about the opportunities in the current industry landscape and why traditional (personalized) is still the best marketing approach compared to online (transactional)

(12:54) What made them decide to start an agency

(14:16) The evolution of the Ash and Miro dynamic

(19:58) Six Cinquième as an agency and its unique approach to strategic branding

(22:23) The two traits they consider as keys to their success that kept them going despite all the trial and error

(24:13) Excitement about future projects and the importance of taking things one step at a time

(26:50) Why you should take risks and put yourself in uncomfortable situations to grow and succeed


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