Healing, quarantine scheming, and HmntyCntrd with Vivianne Castillo

One positive thing about the pandemic is quarantine scheming. Many innovative ideas were born out of it, one of which is HmntyCntrd. What the industry needs are finally being addressed, thanks to Vivianne Castillo and her team. They are passionate about it and can call it out for what it is: How to be human-centered. Because to be human-centered, you must go above and beyond being relevant and performative. For issues as systematic as this, no matter where we end up on our corporate journey, there will always be things that aren't right. Not everyone is willing to think about these things. So check this episode out to learn more about Vivianne, her team, their work within trauma's context, its cycles, and how to be a trauma-informed leader with HmntyCntrd.


Vivianne Castillo (she/her) is the Founder of HmntyCntrd, an award-winning organization that's committed to transforming the status quo of what it means to be human-centered in our professional and personal lives through community, courses, and consulting. She brings 8+ years of psychology and research experience spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries and her work and opinions have been written about in Slate, Fortune, Huffington Post, Fast Company, ELLE Magazine and has a strong track record influencing executives, educating others on trauma-informed care, & empowering others to challenge the status quo. Vivianne also has international conference speaking experience and was an invited speaker at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in 2019. Prior to her career in the UX & Tech Industry, Vivianne worked primarily in the arenas of human services and counseling, where she tackled issues like shame, empathy, vulnerability and compassion. She credits her previous experience as a human services professional, her multi-cultural upbringing, and her love for cognitive behavioral psychology as major influences on her approach to entrepreneurship, design, and innovation.


(01:44) - Icebreaker: How Vivianne's desire to break free of her unhealthy, toxic, codependent relationship with corporate America led her to help other professionals fight back against capitalism

(04:59) - Icebreaker: How to learn and explore new things through reading, playing with babies, traveling, and riding a bike

(06:14) - Icebreaker: Sitcom over reality TV, which show she’d like to be on, and why

(07:48) - How she bridged her love of people with business and helping others

(10:20) - Her realization of how broken the industry is after attending the O'Reilly Design Conference and the one speaker that gave her hope

(16:38) - Creating her own voice, brand, and thought work instead of over-indexing on her relationship with any of her employers

(19:21) - How losing herself felt like versus how healing from workplace trauma and hardship looked like

(23:04) - HmntyCntrd’s beliefs and three areas of content

(25:29) - The huge differences between burnout and trauma

(28:53) - What the great resignation is really telling us and how to prepare for the new generation of workforce in the next 10 years

(30:14) - The future of work: Trauma-informed and healthy workplace relationships

(31:13) - What's on the horizon for HmntyCntrd

(33:10) - 4 tips on how to build dreams, fulfill desires, and develop interests


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