How to lead and what we got wrong about imposter syndrome with Temi Adeniyi

Temi Adeniyi is a design leader and product designer who’s making wonderful things for the internet. In this episode, she takes us through her journey into the design industry, from London to Berlin, always following her curiosity. We also dive further into her four principles, which are: collaboration in all directions openness, giving trust, and fairness. Join us to know more about leadership in the field of design!

Show notes

Episode Highlights:

(00:54) - Introducing Temi Adeniyi: a former product and current design leader who happens to be a candy lover.  

(04:09) - The design scene of the creative and innovative city of Berlin.

(06:16) - Icebreaker questions: her latest obsession, what she thinks people should know more about, and why people describe her as funny and thoughtful. 

(14:09) - Beginnigs, motivations, and next challenges in Temi’s design journey.  

(19:00) - Temi’s four principles of lead can be applied to any industry. 

(25:28) - More information about Temi's article: Do designers who claim to have the impostor syndrome actually have it? How to get out of that?. 


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