Neurodivergence and Storytelling in the Workplace With Design Lead Alexis Cotton

Alexis Cotton, a Design Lead at Meta, discusses her journey into design and her experience as a neurodivergent designer. She shares her passion for storytelling and finding her voice as a designer. Alexis also talks about the challenges of making friends during the pandemic and the importance of work-life balance.

Meet Alexis Cotton, a Design Lead at Meta with a fine arts and graphic design background. She has honed her skills at renowned companies like Gigster and Intuit. Alexis is passionate about storytelling and constantly strives to find her unique voice as a designer. Additionally, she is neurodivergent, which gives her a distinct perspective and helps her excel in her work.


(00:24) Introduction to the episode and guest, Alexis Cotton

(01:08) Icebreaker: Rediscovering hobbies post-pandemic

(02:52) Icebreaker: The place that best symbolizes her personality

(05:42) Icebreaker: The challenges of making new friends

(08:13) Her journey into design and the impact of the Posse Foundation on her career

(11:51) Her transition from fine arts to product design

(14:01) Her role as a Product Design Architect at Meta

(18:04) Neurodivergence and its impact on work

(20:52) The importance of storytelling and finding your voice

(28:07) Her advice on work-life balance and finding what works best for you

(28:48) How to reach Alexis Cotton


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