Shifting the Design Industry Towards Ethical Frameworks and Care With George Aye

George Aye discusses his journey in design and the unique perspective he brings as an Adjunct Professor and Co-Founder of Greater Good Studio. He shares his current obsession and efforts to improve his diet and overall health. He also delves into the importance of design ethics and the need for a shared understanding and framework in the industry. He highlights the challenges and opportunities of working with different types of clients and the responsibility of tackling complex social issues through design.

George Aye is the Co-Founder of Greater Good Studio in Chicago and an Adjunct Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has a computer rendering and design consultancy background and has worked with various clients in both the commercial and social sectors.


(01:22) Introduction to George Aye, Co-Founder of Greater Studio in Chicago

(02:21) Icebreaker: His current obsession with Poke Bowls and diet

(07:33) Icebreaker: The lack of industry-wide ethical framework in design

(15:18) Icebreaker: His surprise at the number of clients seeking their expertise

(20:52) His background in design and transition to the social sector

(28:22) The concept of being a "pissed-off optimist"

(32:41) Overview of the types of projects Greater Studio works on

(36:41) The responsibility and approach to working on diverse topics

(39:21) How to find out more about Greater Studio and their work


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