Spatial Computing and AR/VR: An Accessibility Discussion with Reginé Gilbert

​Reginé Gilbert, designer and author of "Inclusive Design for a Digital World," joins the show to discuss her recent award, The James Weldon Johnson Professorship, and her work in accessibility and inclusion in the XR space. She shares her journey into UX design and how she became interested in accessibility, as well as her current focus on spatial computing, including augmented reality and virtual reality. Reginé also talks about her upcoming book, "Human Spatial Computing," and the importance of considering accessibility from the beginning when building AR/VR experiences.

Reginé Gilbert is a designer, author, and professor at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. She is the author of "Inclusive Design for a Digital World" and was recently awarded the James Weldon Johnson Professorship. Reginé is passionate about accessibility and inclusion in the XR (extended reality) space, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).


(01:33) Introduction to the episode and guest, Reginé Gilbert

(02:46) Winning the James Weldon Johnson Professor Award

(05:17) Reflecting on the importance of doing the work and being recognized

(07:50) Icebreaker: Her obsession with Peloton

(11:19) Icebreaker: The kindness she has witnessed in New York City during the pandemic

(13:51) How life-changing encounters with Nefertiti Matos and Thomas Logan shifted her perspective on UX and accessibility

(20:04) Her focus on spatial computing and teaching a class on it

(23:38) The concept of spatial computing and her upcoming book explained

(30:04) Accessibility and building experiences in AR/VR

(33:23) A look into her second book in collaboration with Doug North Cook


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