The Internet is a 'Fad,' Filling the Void, The Origin Story of 'Where Are Black Designers with Maurice Cherry

In this episode of the Technically Speaking Podcast, Harrison Wheeler talks with a designer, creative strategist, and podcaster who doesn’t need introductions, Maurice Cherry. Maurice’s podcast Revision Path is an award-winning weekly showcase of Black designers, artists, developers, and digital creatives from all over the world. Today, Maurice shares his experience going into design, how he found his first big opportunity, and his advocacy work highlighting black designers. Join in and learn about this designer’s approach to design work and how he’s built so many successful events and projects.



(01:35) - Who is Maurice Cherry? His work as a designer in an Amsterdam-based studio and the growth of his award-winning podcast Revision Path.

(04:36) - Growing up in Selma, Alabama, and the journey that took Maurice into art, technology, and design.

(10:26) - Math & computers: What would have happened if Maurice didn’t major in Math.

(13:52) - The post-college years: How Maurice waited for an opportunity in design in the early times of the internet.

(17:07) - Everything has changed in the last few years: Atlanta’s tech village and its pool of talent.

(20:17) - Some of Maurice’s projects and his approach to work: Filling the void for different needs with creativity.

(21:43) - Where are the black designers?: Maurice’s work highlighting black design and how far we’ve come in terms of diversity and inclusion.

(32:04) - Opening the path for others to continue: What’s the future of black designers? + The future of the Recognize Project.

(36:57) - Advancing black design: How Revision Path made it into the Smithsonian Museum Collection.  


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