The Intersection of Teaching and Design: Supporting Emerging Talent with Krislam Chin

Krislam Chin, a designer and educator based in West LA, shares her journey in the design industry and her passion for teaching. She discusses the importance of travel for creative individuals and the need for designers to experience the world. Her studio, Hello World Studio, aims to provide opportunities for emerging designers. She emphasizes the importance of not defining success based on external factors and encourages emerging designers always to acknowledge opportunities.

Krislam Chin is a designer and educator based in West LA. With a passion for teaching, she has pursued a career in graphic design and recently launched Hello World Studio. She is dedicated to providing opportunities for emerging designers and helping them gain the experience they need to succeed in the industry.


(02:27) Introduction to Krislam Chin, how she met Harrison, and the benefits of traveling to creative individuals

(04:53) How she achieved her ultimate dream of being submerged in education as a student, educator, and studio owner

(07:04) The interplay between teaching and being a student running a studio and the importance of providing experience for emerging designers

(10:41) Acknowledging the challenges and responsibilities of students, making dreams come true for emerging designers and companies through Hello World Studio, and her motivation to move to Downtown LA

(15:25) What we can learn from Gen Z, reflecting on the stress and toxic culture in design, and the responsibility of Millennials to prepare the field for future design workforce

(24:48) From What If to Why Not: Success Tips for Emerging Designers

(31:01) Why the individual, not external factors, define success

(34:12) How she radically accepted herself as a fun teacher using rubber duckies

(37:44) How to get in touch with Krislam and collaboration with small businesses

(38:48) Her appreciation for the podcast and community-building efforts


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