You can learn, grow, and stay up-to-date with our glossary of industry terminology, articles focusing on professional development, and industry and career field guides. 

Narrative Starter Kit for FigJam

Create a compelling narrative that aligns with their audience, context, and touchpoints.

Facilitator Plugin for FigJam

Keep track of who contributed and to hand off facilitation duties seamlessly should someone else need to step in.

Product Design Glossary

Over one hundred UX and Product Design terms are available in a searchable database all at your fingertips.

Create narratives using ChatGPT

I'll walk through how to speed up the creative process of developing a narrative using ChatGPT using the Narrative template for FigJam

Gestalt Principles Applied To UX Design

A common adage in the product design world is “don’t make users think”. It can be a challenging goal to achieve, but what if I told you, getting there could be easier?

Respond Like A Pro When You Hear This From Stakeholders

Here are a few common phrases heard in organizations that are usually a symptom of a more significant problem.

Five Ways to Refine Your UX Case Study

I’ve had the opportunity to give several portfolio reviews, and I want to share some common themes I see and how you can improve them to put your best foot forward as you search for that new product design gig.

Object-oriented design for product designers

. It allows engineers to break down complex relationships of data into digestible chunks for end-users to comprehend and act upon.

7 strategies to build a successful Design team

Being an effective manager means empowering your team to be their best selves, and that means creating an environment that can adapt, facilitate the right conversations with their peers, and deliver their best work.

Designing with data: Build trusted recommendations through this simple framework

In an endless matrix of data, insights and recommendations can help zone in on the most useful information.

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