About Technically Speaking

Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler is a podcast and community that provides a platform for underestimated and underrepresented voices in design and technology, and aims to inspire the next generation of industry leaders.

As he met incredible Black designers, Harrison Wheeler realized these were people he should have been able to read about, but there weren’t many platforms where they had a voice. So, he took action to fill the gaps left by educational programs and early-career resources by creating Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler in 2020.

Guests join Harrison on the podcast to share their unique stories of triumph and resilience, discuss the thought process behind their decisions, and provide valuable insight and advice. It’s an exploration of the human experience at the intersection of design, business, and technology.

But it’s not just a podcast. Listeners—aspiring designers and seasoned veterans alike—can join the Technically Speaking community, where they will find opportunities for professional development, mentorship, networking, feedback, in-person meetups, and more.

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Bi-weekly podcast inspiring the next generation of underestimated design leaders at the intersection of design, business, and technology.


Midwest values. Global how-to. Manager, User Experience Design at @linkedin. Former Design Manager at @getbase | Technically Speaking Podcast #blacklivesmatter