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Special Edition: The Rise and Fall of InVision with Jay Demetillo

Special Edition: The Rise and Fall of InVision with Jay Demetillo

We will be diving into the fascinating story of the rise and fall of InVision. In this episode, join host Harrison Wheeler and special guest Jay Demetillo as they take you on a journey through the history of InVision and discuss the impact it had on the design industry. They explore the evolution of design tools, from the days of Photoshop and Dreamweaver to the emergence of Sketch and the game-changing introduction of InVision. Join us as we reminisce about the challenges designers faced, the joy of collaborative work, and the race to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving design tool landscape.

About The Guest(s):

Jay Demetillo is a design practitioner with extensive experience in the industry. He has traveled the world giving talks on design and has a deep understanding of the importance of inclusive design and bringing value to design through business.

Key Takeaways:

  • InVision was a disruptive design tool that gained popularity in 2014-2015 with its cloud-based sharing and commenting features.

  • InVision failed to keep up with competitors like Sketch and Figma due to a lack of updates and communication.

  • Invision's collaborative tool, Freehand tool was acquired by Miro in 2023.

  • Invsion announced their termination of services by end of the 2024 calendar year.

Show notes:

00:00 Introduction and Birthday Celebration

00:29 The Rise and Fall of InVision

02:04 The Evolution of Design Tools

02:23 The Emergence of Collaborative Work

02:51 Insights and Anecdotes

03:52 Jay's World Tour and Talks

06:39 The Rise and Fall of Envision: A Discussion

10:10 The Challenges of Designing for Multiple Devices

11:39 The Emergence of Sketch

17:01 The Role of Zeppelin in the Design Process

18:13 Discussing Envision's Early Days

18:41 Introduction to Envision's Features

20:22 The Impact on User Testing

22:14 Marketing and Community Engagement

24:30 Investment and Funding

25:17 Product Updates and Innovations

27:32 The Downfall of InVision Studio

33:17 Reflecting on InVision's Missteps

35:10 Final Thoughts on InVision's Journey

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