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Designing Growth: Crafting Impact in Business With Fonz Morris

Designing Growth: Crafting Impact in Business With Fonz Morris

Fonz Morris descibes the industry changing shift leading the password-sharing initiative at Netflix

Fonz Morris, a growth design lead at Netflix, shares his journey from working at a club to becoming a successful designer and investor. He discusses his role in growth design at Netflix and highlights the importance of balancing business and design decisions. He also talks about his upcoming memoir and its therapeutic writing process. He emphasizes the need for patience, self-belief, and continuous learning in one's career. He shares his speaking experiences at various events and his impact on others' lives. He encourages designers to improve their communication skills and utilize networking opportunities. He also discusses his involvement in the VC space and angel investing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover what growth design is and what it focuses on for business growth

  • Learn about Fonz's book-writing process, its requirements, and benefits

  • Remember why it’s important to trust the process and believe in yourself even when faced with rejection or setbacks 

  • Find out what’s essential for career growth and opportunities

  • Understand why soft skills are crucial for success in the design industry and what designers should strive to be

  • Explain why investing in startups can be a pathway to building generational wealth and identify the various entry points into the VC and angel investing space


"If you believe in something, you can get it done." - Fonz Morris

"Treat yourself like a project. Don't be too hard on yourself." - Fonz Morris

"Designers, we have a seat at the table, so take the seat." - Fonz Morris

"Work on your communication. It is critical for your success." - Fonz Morris

"Get out there, meet people, network, ask questions, get a mentor, have fun, shine, be great, and lean on a community when you need support." - Fonz Morris


(03:15) Introduction to Fonz Morris and our mutual connections through networking

(05:01) His personal growth and industry impact

(06:00) On Growth Design at Netflix, retention projects, and global impact

(08:41) Password-sharing initiative at Netflix

(11:04) How to overcome impostor syndrome

(14:04) On writing his memoir, Self Design

(17:28) His early career and personal challenges

(19:57) Public speaking and strengthening his voice

(21:07) A full-circle moment speaking at Google

(26:46) His Involvement with VC and angel investing

(33:02) Encouraging community engagement in VC

(36:02) His final Advice for listeners

(37:56) How to connect with him

(39:10) How his airport habits and commitment helped with the episode

About The Guest:

Fonz Morris is a growth design lead at Netflix. With a background in computer science and a passion for design, he has worked on various projects at Netflix, including the password-sharing initiative. He is also involved in the VC space as an LP in a fund and is an angel investor and board member for several companies. He strongly advocates education and community building and is dedicated to helping others succeed in their careers.

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