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Fanbase and the Future of Social Media With Isaac Hayes III

Fanbase and the Future of Social Media With Isaac Hayes III

Isaac Hayes III, entrepreneur and music producer, discusses the peer-to-peer subscription model and the rise of subscriptions on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He sees this as a validation of his platform, Fanbase, which aims to uplift creators of color who other platforms have underserved. He believes every social media platform has its time and will eventually be replaced by a new platform geared toward the younger generation. He also talks about the importance of persistence and questioning societal norms in pursuing success. The Fanbase app is available for download on iOS and Android.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how the peer-to-peer subscription model validates Fanbase as a major social media platform

  • Empower your earnings on Fanbase by unlocking monetization opportunities for all, prioritizing underserved creators of color

  • Revolutionize social media lifecycles since every platform finds relevance within its generation

  • Harness the unstoppable force of persistence that surpasses talent, genius, and education

  • Forge your unique path by challenging societal norms and writing your own rules for success


"When you have a platform like Facebook and Instagram combined, worth about a big $700 billion market cap trying to copy what we're doing, that tells me that, 'Oh, you're on the right track in what you're doing.'" - Isaac Hayes III

"I can build everything that Facebook and Instagram and TikTok can build, but they can't build Black culture." - Isaac Hayes III

"Persistence is the most powerful force on the planet, right? It's more powerful than talent. It's more powerful than genius. It's more powerful than education." - Isaac Hayes III


(01:41) Introduction to Isaac Hayes III

(02:20) What he thinks of social media platforms copying the peer-to-peer subscription model he created

(03:42) His belief that every social media platform will live and die

(04:39) Why Fanbase is the next logical platform for Gen Z and Gen Alpha

(05:05) The importance of providing subscriptions and monetization for ALL users

(05:57) His decision to pursue crowdfunding to raise capital

(07:08) How equity crowdfunding offers the opportunity for everyday people to invest

(08:00) Motivation to allow people to own part of a tech startup

(09:57) The power of persistence and questioning societal norms

(15:12) How to download Fanbase and connect with Isaac Hayes III

About The Guest:

Isaac Hayes III is an entrepreneur and music producer based in Atlanta. He is the Founder and CEO of Fanbase, a social media platform that focuses on peer-to-peer subscriptions and aims to uplift creators of color.

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