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Reimagining design with Kevin Bethune

Reimagining design with Kevin Bethune

Kevin Bethune is an author, designer, and entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Dreams Design + Life, an agency that offers design and innovation services with a human-centered approach. In this episode, we explore his remarkable background, which ranges from engineering to finance to design, while maintaining a creatively curious eye. We also discuss the future of design in an increasingly interconnected world. Listen and learn how to help the world by delivering important innovations that will benefit everyone.

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(00:57) - Introducing Kevin Bethune: his dream and vision of shaping the future that led to the creation of the agency DreamsDesign + Life.

(4:21) - Getting to know the creatively curious person Kevin: his love of music, where he finds inspiration, and his creative heroes. 

(8:44) - Kevin's soul-searching journey: from engineering to finance to startups and, eventually, to running his own agency and publishing a book. 

(16:33) - DreamsDesign + Life: the motivation to start an agency where multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation coexist. 

(20:27) - More on Kevin's book, "Reimagining Design, Unlocking Strategic Innovation": the connection of design and business, and the value of multidisciplinary collaboration.

(24:02) - What's next for design? More representation and diversity is needed in the field to break through and have a better future.

Episode Resources:

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