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The Creative Process with Mathew Barnes

The Creative Process with Mathew Barnes

It is Friday and the end of the Technically Speaking Podcast broadcasting from the San Francisco Design Week. To wrap it up, our host Harrison Wheeler talks to artist, beer enthusiast, and design veteran, Mathew Barnes. Mathew shares some of his 24 years of experience in the design world, plus he tells us how he discovered his passion for beer. Join to discover this expert’s creative process and have a sneak peek into a live beer tasting!

Jump straight into:

(01:35) - Who is Mathew Barnes? On being a cat person, his travel dreams, and his favorite music artists. 

(07:54) - The love for classical art & The Assumption of the Virgin by El Greco.

(11:27) - Mathew’s unconventional journey into the design world and his approach to creative direction. 

(18:19) - How to create a cohesive brand experience: What’s going to be the user’s first touch with your product?

(22:35) - Influences and the design process: How to study, understand and create.

(28:04) - Cheers! Mathew’s passion for beer and live tasting the Pliny The Elder. 

(37:34) - Do you drink while working? Live tasting the Death & Taxes.

(42:46) - How to appreciate a beer, art, or any creative work: Mathew’s appreciation process.

Episode Resources:

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Mathew Barnes 

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Little Dragon | Spotify

Tall Black Guy | Spotify

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Mathew Barnes 

The Assumption of the Virgin | The Art Institute of Chicago

Pliny The Elder 

Death & Taxes 


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