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The Revision Path with Maurice Cherry

The Revision Path with Maurice Cherry

It is the second day of Technically Speaking at the SF Design Week. Our host Harrison Wheeler takes the stage today to talk with Maurice Cherry, host and creator of the Revision Path Podcast, an award-winning weekly showcase of black designers, artists, developers, and digital creatives from all over the world. Join in and listen to Maurice talk about the design world, his journey creating this project, and the lessons he has learned from talking to over 400 guests on his show. 

Jump straight into:

(01:35) - All about Maurice’s background, Revision Path, and his time off decompressing and playing video games. 

(08:08) - Maurices’ favorite podcasts, R&B and rap artists.

(14:33) - A living legend! What is a “revision path” and how this iconic podcast was born to shine a light on black designers’ work. 

(22:01) - Some stand-out guests of the podcast + the big lessons Maurice has learned after 400 episodes of Revision Path.

(27:20) - The job environment for black designers and Maurice’s own journey into the design world starting out in Selma, Alabama. 

(36:11) - Passing the torch: Where the Revision Path social work came from and where it is going in the future. 

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Technically Speaking
Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler
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