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User Experience Research Corner and Clubhouse

User Experience Research Corner and Clubhouse

In this episode of the Technically Speaking podcast live on the SF Design Week, our host Harrison Wheeler talks to the UX Research Corner crew, a 30k+ follower Clubhouse room where they talk about the nuances and intricacies of the UX research field. Tune in and learn how these awesome women opened up the conversation on tech and built a community through such an innovative space as is Clubhouse. 

Jump straight into:

(01:35) - Who is the diverse crew from UX Corner? Favorite whiteboarding tools, future travel plans, and their go-to activities to relax. 

(15:18) - The origin story of the UX Research Corner: Finding researchers and UX designers through Clubhouse.

(21:23) - How they organize the conversation for every room: Structure, notes, surveys, and maintaining the topics fresh. 

(24:33) - The impact of Clubhouse on everyone as individuals: Making friends, chemistry and stickiness.

(28:51) - Women of color leading the discussion: On representation and how long it took for men to join the conversation.

(33:11) - Opening up the conversation: On being vocal about processes, sharing experiences, and demystifying the field. 

(39:59) - Reoccurring themes and what excites the crew about their work: The power of expression, passion, community, and perspective. 

Episode Resources:

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Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler
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